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10r – Sonix

LOA 1680mm    Beam 200mm   Displacement 5.65 – 5.75kgs


represents our introduction into this class. The hull is shaped in such a manner, the waterline extend very quickly to its maximum permissible length. Therefore, SONIX will achieve maximum sailing speed at the earliest opportunity.

SONIX has a chine running along the entire length of the hull, this helps to grip the water which gives this design excellent pointing ability whilst sailing to windward. The deck design is shaped so that the airflow is directed to the sails. Additionally, a mast well is incorporated within the mid-sections of the deck, to allow the rig to remain low and compact, aiding to maximum rig efficiency when sailing. In 2018, SONIX featured in its first World Championships, held in Germany achieving a creditable result. Developing the design further and learning the lessons from that experience, the aim is for SONIX to compete again in the World Championships at West Kirby in 2020.

Radio Pot Assembly

The RMG winch and batteries are all encompassed within the radio pot. This ensures most of the weight is concentrated in one area. This system is used in most of our yachts.

Sonix Hull Kits FROM £1350

The hull kit will come in the form of a part completed yacht, ready for the installation of the rig and radio equipment. The hulls are constructed using Carbon / Kevlar as an inner layer with carbon on the outer. Moulding is done using the vacuum bag technique. This type of construction method forms a light but robust hull. The hull, deck, rudder, fin box and other internal parts, including the bumper are all fitted to the hull. Deck fittings are installed, the standard length keel, ballast and rudder are also painted and included. A full sheeting line fed through the pulleys is installed with plenty of cord for you to attach to the booms. Your winch and rudder servo can be installed if you supply them. A full or standard length fins can be ordered to suit your sailing venue.

For further information on Sonix contact Damian Ackroyd on his (New Email)
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